Due to the coronavirus we are putting the following plans in place in order to protect our vulnerable members and the vulnerable family members of our staff.

Am Fasgadh will be shut from 5 pm on Tuesday 17th March for at least 12 weeks and there will be no south end drop in for the same period of time.

The office number is 01478 613533 or you can contact each member of staff on the following numbers:

Sandra Mackenzie 07375601289
Alex Jones 07841586956
Sandra Tonagh 07951462968
Heather MacRitchie 07498575318
Alistair MacDonald 07498409463
Dafne Lopez Mora 07539655952

We will continue to provide support to our members over the phone or by video call, home visit facebook etc. We can provide takeaways to people at home to those who need. We can also get shopping and pick up prescriptions (you must provide your date of birth for this). And indeed we will try to help in any way we can.

In the meantime, please wash your hand thoroughly and regularly with hot soapy water for a minimum of 20 seconds (sing “happy birthday to you” twice over). Make sure that you do not touch your face. Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes and put it straight in the bin and wash your hands. Keep your worktops and surfaces clean and use disinfectant. Keep at least 2metres (6 feet) away from others. If you have a NEW cough, fever (sore bones and feeling hot and cold) or sore throat then assume you have the virus and stay in and away from others for 7 days, if you feel really unwell dial 111 .

You can contact any of the staff here for advice too.


   It’s a very friendly place and we’re probably more like a big happy family. Every birthday is celebrated and every member made to feel special  


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Phone us on

01478613533  or get our contact details here